Unlocking latent value for mining projects,
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Why Snowden?

Snowden has an enviable track-record of completing over 12,000 projects in more than 60 countries. We have helped mining companies and investors achieve real bottom-line value and meet market guidance. At Snowden, we believe that every mining project, operation and investment has latent value waiting to be unlocked with the right thinking, the right processes and the right systems.

If you have resource assets that you would like to develop, we can help give you a plan for the greatest chance of success. If you are an investor, we can give the confidence to make the right choices. If you have mining operations, we can help you get the control needed to meet production guidance. If you are looking for a competitive advantage, we can give your people the knowledge they need.

We are different because of our multi-disciplinary and holistic approach to the mining value chain. We focus on what really matters to the economic success of your project or operation. We have unique methods and intellectual property to quickly identify the root-cause of complex problems, find hidden opportunities and risks. We can deliver a faster path to value.

We are proud of our name, which is globally recognised by miners, investors, financiers and regulators. It is a brand built on nearly 30 years of independent, credible consulting to the mining industry.

Snowden is a proud member of the Downer Group.








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  • Our Work with a Global Leader in Gold

    Multi-site mining health-check leads to $200M increase in revenue per annum

    Snowden applied its unique “Operational Health-Check” methodology to a global mining company.

    After an intensive workshop- based process, Snowden identified improvement opportunities across the entire mining value chain.

    Many of the initiatives could be implemented with little to no capital expenditure, greatly impacting on profitability.

    These outcomes were achieved with Operational Health-Check Read More
  • Finding millions of dollars of revenue from hidden opportunities

    Reconcilor leads to $200M+ extra profit using existing capital

    Snowden has helped mining companies find hundreds of millions in extra profit by finding hidden opportunities across the value chain.

    Business Improvement: Allowed additional ore to be delivered for processing.
    Process Improvement: Early identification of misclassification of ore resource. 
    Utilization Improvement: Time saved through automating the reconciliation process.

    These outcomes were achieved with Reconcilor Read More
  • Snowden improves IRR from 10% to 37%

    Application of smart value engineering to Base Metals project in Australia

    Snowden’s value engineering approach for a base metals project in Australia  improved its internal rate of return (IRR) by over three times.   The improvements were made by looking across the full mine value chain and identifying and applying simple but significant policy and design changes. These changes included:

    • Leveraging excess plant capacity through better understanding of geometallurgical relationships
    • Improving inventory (increased recovery and lower planned dilution) by application of stope optimisation software, Stopesizor
    • Improved mine schedule sequencing by application of schedule optimisation software, Evaluator
    • Sourcing cheaper procurement of materials
    • Resolving logistics haulage bottlenecks

    Snowden improves IRR from 10% to 37%
    A Snowden Feasibility Study helped to make this result possible Read More
  • Snowden successfully completes PFS for Horizonte Minerals plc

    Araguaia nickel laterite project in Brazil

    Snowden have successfully delivered an NI43-101 compliant prefeasibility study (PFS) for the Araguaia nickel laterite project in Brazil for Horizonte Minerals plc. The study involved combining feed from seven separate deposits spread over 20 km to one central processing plant, utilising Rotary Kiln Electric Furnace (RKEF) processing technology. The project will produce approximate 15 ktpa of nickel, sold as part of a 20% ferro-nickel alloy.

    Snowden, with its partners Prime Resources and IGEO, were responsible for geology, mining engineering, geotechnical, metallurgy, hydrology, process engineering, financial evaluation and overall project management. The project was delivered on time and on budget to allow Horizonte to meet reporting requirements.

  • Considering transitioning from open pit to underground mining

    Snowden provides considerable expertise in evaluating this important decision

    Your mine is getting deeper but with changes in market conditions capital is scarce and costs need to be reduced. Can you really afford that next large cutback? If commodity prices continue fall, will you ever get a return from the cutback?  What other options do you have?

    A transition to underground mining could be a way of reducing capital while still generating cash flow. If your orebody continues at depth, you will have to go underground at some stage.  Rather than doing a large, high cost cutback, why not consider bringing the underground forward? 

    We have significant expertise in evaluating the optimal transition from open pit to underground mining. We have completed more than 15 studies in this area in the last 3 years and have made a number of important learnings that could benefit your project.

    This method can be used as part of a Snowden Feasibility Study Read More
  • Considering in-pit crushing and conveying?

    Snowden provides thought-leadership in this growing method

    As grades reduce, cost pressures increase and mines deepen, low operating cost mining methods are becoming more important. One such method is in-pit crushing and conveying (IPCC). This method replaces a number of trucks in the pit with a conveyor system. The method requires a crusher to be located somewhere between the edge of the pit (fixed), within the pit (semi-mobile) and the mining face (full mobile). Either of these methods have unique planning requirements.

    We bring a wealth of experience and thought leadership in understanding the planning needs of IPCC. IPCC, whilst potentially reducing cost, also brings added risk that needs to be addressed. We can help you to navigate this path.

    This method can be used as part of a Snowden Feasibility Study Read More

  • Mining Education


    The 2015 Snowden Mining Education course brochure has now been released. Get the most out of your team by attending practical courses aimed at giving people the skills they can use immediately.




    Now Available


    Supervisor V8.3  now offers automatic validation of resource models.  This includes:

    • Tabulation comparing model and data statistics

    • Overlay of histograms and log-probability plots as line plots to allow comparison of the distributions

    • QQ plot between your model and data to look at the amount of smoothing 


  • Reconcilor V8


    Improve profitability by improving resource recovery. Eliminate variances between plan and actual. Reconcilor is a complete operation improvement system. It is a solution that enables you to identify any deviations from plan and diagnose root causes. Our new version, V8, is a highly configurable “out of the box” solution that can be implemented rapidly and cost effectively.